Inam Records 156

Ryan Huber “Comoros”

Thirteen tracks of dark techno and ambient dronescapes. Released as a cdr in a glossy wallet (100 copies) and digital download.

Inam Records 097

PS Stamps Back & Olekranon “s/t”

2011 collaboration with drone/electronic minimalist master Iason (PS Stamps Back /¬† and Olekranon. 75 cdr’s made with hand stamped white Arigato Pak covers; available as a digital download.

Inam Records 06

Vopat “Sometimes It Will”

Released in 2006, this limited cdr/digital download is the second Vopat full length. Post rock, drone, and noise coalesce into a dreamscape punctuated by occasional distorted attacks.

Inam Records 119

Olekranon “Salus”

Recorded in 2013 using a Kaossilator Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer and variety of effects; this Olekranon release combines drone and noise with minimal techno beats and a touch of shoegaze. Very limited (15) cdr release with oversized vellum cover in a plastic sleeve.

Inam Records 099

Sujo “Diaspora”

Released as a cdr in 2012, “Diaspora” is probably one of the most abrasive, if not best, Sujo offerings. Seven tracks in 35 minutes incorporating sludgy tempos, gauzy distortion and the occasional blast beat catharsis. Full color inkjet vellum covers in a plastic sleeve for the out of print cdr. Available as a digital download.

Inam Records 150

Ryan Huber “Akharon”

Four track cdr/digital download released in 2015. Combining drone with sparse electronic beats, field recordings, and noise. 50 black on black cdr’s with transparent grey vellum covers in a plastic sleeve.

Inam Records 203

Tatira “Fire Everlasting”

The third (final?) Tatira release further explores the drone/electronic dichotomy. Twelve tracks / 48 minutes. Recorded in 2017 & 2018 in New Bedford, MA. 50 cdr / unlimited digital download.

Inam Records 199

Caracoa “End of Kings”

Caracoa was a minimal electronic/drone/noise project from 2017. This is the final of three albums released that year. This features a shorter run time (28 minutes) with a focus on atmosphere and “deep techno.” ¬†Available as a digital download.

Ryan Huber “The Need of Want”

A 23+ minute ambient/ noise track released as a digital download in the summer of 2016. Some guitar drone, some field recordings, some I don’t know what. Honestly, doing these long tracks is fun as hell. It’s probably really indulgent; but still fun!

Inam Records 28

Sujo “Blood Saints”

This 2008 release was the first Sujo attempt to add “structure” and write “songs” with admittedly strange results. Four tracks total with the 16+ minute title track being the linchpin. Limited cdr (48 copies) and available digitally. The percussion is bare and simple and guitars layered and noisy. Some samples, distant vocals, distorted bass are added into the mix. If MBV had listened to only Darkthrone for 4 years prior to recording their debut, maybe it would sound like this (yeah, probably not).