Bryan Saunders and PS Stamps Back “Stolen Dreams”

This is an intriguing collaboration from 2016 between Bryan Saunders (US) and PS Stamps Back (Greece). I had the opportunity of collaborating with Iason (PS Stamps Back) with the “PS Stamps Back & Olekranon” release (2011) so I’m familiar with his great work as a musician and label operator (1000+1 TiLt).

As with any (good) file sharing type of collaboration; it’s hard to tell where one artist ends and the other begins. That is true here as unsettling drones and spoken word pieces intermix with excellent pulsating beats for four well conceived tracks. This is not “happy” music by any means but would accompany any dark, smoky, (bloody?) listening setting. This is haunting.


Inam Records 107

Sujo + Sun Hammer “Fistula”

Jay Bodley (Sun Hammer) has been doing great work as a sound artist for some time. He excels at ambient pieces as well as beat driven/hip hop productions. We collaborated for the “Fistula” release in 2012. I would send him raw stereo files of guitar noise/ambience and he would shape them into something captivating. I feel lucky to have released this on cdr digipack (100 copies). It was also released as a cassette by Music Ruins Lives. Photographs by Peter Nejedly. Mastered by Joe Pazner.

Blindshore “The Details”

I had the pleasure of playing bass in the psychedelic instrumental band, A Five And Dime Ship, for a few years in the early oughts. One of the main creative forces of the band was James Adkisson; previously of the legendary 7 percent Solution out of Austin, TX. James has the uncanny ability to wrangle ferocious noise and melancholic subtlety from his guitar and array of pedals.

Blindshore is the solo project of Mr. Adkisson. He released the self titled debut in 2011 and recently dropped a 3 song ep “The Details.” What you can expect from these songs is layer upon layer of beautiful drones and guitar melodies, tasteful and driving percussion, and delicately fragile vocals. Portishead, Eno, and The Cure are all referenced and fans of these artists will be satiated.

I am happy/sad listening to these songs and very grateful Mr. Adkisson is feeding the creative beast. Highly recommended!


Inam Records 201

Tatira “The Light Will Disappear”

8 tracks of electronic / techno / ambient music available as a digital download & limited edition cdr in jewel case (50).